We want the Bible Curriculum in District 6

Recently the School Board for District 6 decided not to adopt the innovative and legally endorsed curriculum, “The Bible in History and Literature,” (www.bibleinschools.net) as an elective course in D6 high schools. Among the reasons they listed for their refusal, was the lack of interest in the community.

We disagree.

basis of educationThe Bible was the central textbook of the Union Colony educational system, and remained in use as a textbook for approximately 100 years in our public educational system. Today, the connection between the Bible and America’s history, art, literature, and social fiber must be introduced to this generation.

The Bible in History and Literature has been adopted by 1,280 school districts (2,900 high schools) in 39 states. Over 650,000 students have already taken this course nationwide on public high school campuses, during school hours, for credit. This course has been recently adopted by the Los Angeles school district. It has also been adopted and used successfully by the Briggsdale School District here in Colorado. We are asking that it be adopted for Greeley/Evans School District 6.

Here is an example of information our students are currently not being taught in the classroom:

  • The foundation for the three branches of government is found in the Bible.
  • The presumption of innocence until proven guilty originates in the Bible.reading the Bible
  • U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice David Brewer declared in 1892 that the United States of America was a Christian nation. (This did not mean that all needed to be Christians, but that the laws, foundations and history of our nation were based on the Holy Bible and Almighty God.)
  • The Bible was the primary textbook for public education in the United States. In 1792 the United States Congress funded and printed the first English language Bible in the U.S., for the express purpose of being used as a textbook in the public school system.
  • Dr. Benjamin Rush, signer of the Declaration of Independence and father of public education in the United States, authored a pamphlet promoting the Bible’s use as a textbook in all public schools.
  • The curriculum is legal, and has been approved by the U.S. Supreme Court for use in public schools.
  • The curriculum is also unifying. It has been endorsed by Catholic, Protestant and Jewish leaders.
  • The curriculum can be multi-lingual, with students using Bibles in their native languages if desired.
  • The curriculum is very inexpensive, with much of the curriculum and support materials being donated to many of the schools that use it.
  • The curriculum is an elective class, and is not imposed upon anyone. We would like for D6 to open a 3 year pilot program to gauge the interest and response.
  • The curriculum supports and protects the administration and teaching staff, by connecting their observations and teaching to a legal curriculum and not to their own opinions.


We the undersigned, believe the students of District 6 deserve the opportunity to learn these truths.

As pastors and ministers, business leaders, parents and grandparents, we hereby call on Weld County District 6 to adopt “The Bible in History and Literature.”

You can be a part of the movement, to share these timeless truths with the new generation!

Simply scroll down to the signin bar on this page and add your name and information to the growing list of leaders in our community.

Congratulations! You are now a part of the team that seeks to restore America’s history, and share it with our students. Weld County education deserves the best! Let’s be a part of giving our students and teachers the high-quality education they deserve.

Steven Hall
Past Vice President
Greeley/Evans District 6 Board of Education
Greeley, CO

Steven Grant
Senior Pastor
Destiny Christian Center
Greeley, CO